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Resources for TensorFlow, Machine Learning and AI
  • Docs/Publications
    • ML Glossary: Go beyond the hype, understand each term that is used in Machine Learning workflows. It's also a good baseline to build your organization's Machine Learning glossary.
    • TensorFlow docs: One place for all the best and always up to date content on TensorFlow and best practices on Machine Learning.
    • Research Publication from Google: All the research papers from Google Research
    • Arxive Sanity: Cause otherwise it's insane amount of research content
    • AI education: Best content on learning machine learning constantly updated
    • Google AI blog: Latest news from Google AI to keep a tab on what's new in Machine Learning
  • Tools
    • CoLab: Free hosted notebooks from Google AI team with free GPU and TPU access
    • Kaggle Kernels: Free hosted notebooks from the Kaggle team with free access to GPUs and amazing community
    • Kaggle Datasets: Free datasets to use for your data science and machine learning projects
    • Kaggle Competitions: Competitions to test your mettle with the best in the world
    • Dataset search: Google search for datasets of all kinds from various sources
    • Kubeflow: Open Source, end to end machine learning platform built with the power of TensorFlow, Kubernetes, Dataflow, TFX, Hub, Serving and other similar best technologies.
    • AutoML: No code, no problem! Get the best machine learning models for you without need for any code or machine learning experiences.
    • Facets: Visualization for Machine Learning datasets which works seamlessly regardless of the data size and type
    • What-If... you could inspect a machine learning model, with no coding required?
    • ML Kit: Machine Learning for mobile developers, making mobile Machine learning smooth
    • TF Research Cloud: TPUs for researchers working on cutting edge deep learning research.
    • Prebuilt models that can be utilized by tensorflow's hub API
  • Conferences
    • TensorFlow DevSummit: Meet machine learning user, researchers and industry leaders utilizing or contributing to TensorFlow.
    • NeurIPS: Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) is a multi-track machine learning and computational neuroscience conference.
  • Demo
    • TensorFlow Playground: A one stop place to learn and understand various Machine Learning concepts.
    • AI Experiments: Showcase of simple experiments by Google to start exploring machine learning.
      • TechableMachines: An interactive playground to train and test a model in browser
    • Seedbank: Interactive Machine Learning examples with linked notebooks
    • Magenta Demos: Music by machines, no, not the clunky kind
    • TF/examples: Examples of using TensorFlow
    • TPU demo: Shows how TPUs are more powerful than other processing systems
  • End-to-End solution
    • Presentation: End-To-End Machine Learning walkthrough, updated regularly!
    • Code: End-To-End solution that you can use in production right now on Google Cloud
  • Hands-on Learning